Precautions for lame yarn and lame products have been described. Be sure to read.

The handling of the elastic lam yarn

Elastic lame yarn has to be handled in the same way as elastic fibers as elastic fibers (polyurethane) is used.
It is recommended to store the yarn at 20°C or more (room temperature). If the yarn is stored at 20°C or less, then the yarn must be aged at a room temperature of 20°C or more.

Attention in the use of the lam thread

When lame yarn is used for mixed knitting, the other yarn has to be thoroughly washed with water, dried, and neutralized before use.
Exercise sufficient care not to apply excessive tension.
Utmost care has been taken to avoid color differences based on staining lot (coloring lot), but please use threads of the same lot to complete a product. Please note that the production may be stopped by the dye manufacturers due to pollution regulations and pollution, this may lead to changes in the dye and you may feel the color difference.
Metallic yarn is likely to cause knitting defects such as scratches to the needle. Perform the required adjustments of the knitting machine and set the rotational speed to a lower value. Conduct adequate trials for the knitting machine settings, knitting stitch, and time setting.
Set the tension to a smaller value during weaving to avoid squeezing as much as possible. Also, use a light top tension. Adjust the tension of each single thread using the tensor and top tension based on the number of plies. Contact us if you think that the yarn causes any of the problems.

Attention in the handling of the lam product and the preservation

Remove any sweat or drinking water deposits by washing with water or dry cleaning.
Avoid contact with clothing containing acids and alkalis when storing the yarn.
Completely dry and store in thick polyethylene bags.
Also, avoid the use of insect repellents.

  • Please wash your hands with a synthetic detergent. It is unsuitable for a washing machine.
  • With the chlorine-based bleach cannot bleach it.
  • When you put it from from the back or the face, I do expectation cloth, and, please do iron credit.
  • Please do dry cleaning
  • Please do not run in a spin-drier.
  • Fishing airing, please in the shade.

In addition, please judge it generally because there is the connection with the vice-material about the handling of the product.